What is it? Answers CXIX

Thursday, June 01, 2006

678. Token given as change for meat ration coupons (second last paragraph on this link).

679. Hammers made from lead, babbitt, copper or brass are known as soft faced hammers. The answer that I was looking for is that they are used for striking finished metal work without marring. As mentioned by others, these are also useful in an area with powerful magnets, and in an environment where there is danger of explosions caused by sparks. Even softer faces are available made from nylon, plastic, or rubber.

680. Cutter and guide sleeve from a putty chaser set, attached to a drill and used to remove putty when working on windows, patent number 4,188,723.

681. A shoe maker's wood peg cutter:

682. Flue scraper, used to clean the tubes and flues of a steam engine, I bought it at an antique tractor show, so it could have been used on an old steam tractor.

The other end is the same except for the bolt:

Turning the bolt expands both ends from 1-3/4" diameter up to 2-1/8":

683. Townsend fish skinner

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